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  • About Ebury

    Ebury is a fintech company 
that gives 28,000+ small and mid-sized businesses worldwide control over their international payments by providing financial capabilities usually reserved to large corporates.

  • The Challenge

    They were on a rapid growth path, seeking investment to drive international expansion, but to secure it Ebury knew they had to differentiate and start telling their story in a more modern way.

  • The Result

    We helped Ebury transform—with a new company positioning as well as solution-centric value propostions, Ebury relaunched as the strategic partner every SME needs to operate internationally, without borders.

Dive Deep
“Paal15 helped us to articulate a story that not only resonated well among customers, but also potential investors, influencers and analysts.”

- Paula Lopez, Former CMO of Ebury

Engaging Paal15

At a critical time when Ebury was seeking investment to fuel international growth, they realised they needed a better story, value proposition and visual identity that better represented them. So they called Paal15.

reworking the strategy
Step 1

Re-defining the strategy and story

  • Commercial Strategy

    We re-defined the competition and value propositions to truly take Ebury to the next level, transforming the business both internally and externally, and setting them up for a successful hyper-growth path.

  • Company positioning

    We developed and launched the “what borders?” positioning, boldly and succinctly explaining their new story as enablers of a global economy, beyond borders.

Step 2

Getting to market

Telling the world

We helped launch Ebury in 9 new markets with a scalable marketing framework, and all required assets to create the right kind of buzz, from a new website, to all campaign materials.

Ongoing rollout

Our position as virtual CMO ensured long-term success, with ongoing strategy and marketing efforts for 6 months after the launch.

“Paal15 also enabled Ebury to create better 
customer engagement.”

- Paula Lopez, Former CMO of Ebury

The Outcome

Growing bigger by making the world smaller

With the new global Fintech and business partner positioning, Ebury secured $83 million in investment, the largest single Fintech investment in Europe in 2016. They grew from 15 employees and 1 location to 300+ and 8 offices in just over 1 year, broke the 10,000 customer mark, and Won “Best Payment Provider” at the EU FinTech Awards.

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