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  • About Microsoft

    Microsoft has evolved from a hardware and software player into one of the big 3 in cloud under CEO Satya Nadella. Azure’s skyrocketing growth rate has contributed in great part to Microsoft’s shares hitting a record high—highest since the dot com era.

  • The Challenge

    Microsoft has been leading industry mainframe migrations since the 90s but momentum slowed in 2014. But with Azure becoming widely accepted for its reliability, availability and serviceability, the time was right to push Mainframe to Azure growth.

  • The Result

    We created a program called Mainframe to Azure starting with one partner and based on its success expanded to 8 additional partners. To achieve global reach, we then built a 1-to-many program to activate 40 key Microsoft partners at the same time.

Dive Deep
"A crucial part of the program was to enable Microsoft teams internally, ensuring the transformational mindset was taken onboard at every level. Revenues increased across the board within months of the program implementation for both Microsoft and partners."

Engaging Paal15

Microsoft engaged Paal15 to help them accelerate the Mainframe to Azure motion—designing a solution that could meet their host of challenges. We proposed building a program that included creating new positioning for Mainframe to Azure, Microsoft internal education and training, 1-many partner recruitment and activation, and 1-1 value proposition engagements with key partners.

reworking the strategy
Step 1

Redefining Microsoft’s Mainframe story

  • Mainframe to Azure positioning

    Microsoft wanted to accelerate growth for Mainframe on Azure, but realised they needed to first re-redefine their story from a forced move to a business opportunity and educate people internally.

  • Program positioning

    After working with Microsoft to create a simpler and more efficient technical process of migration, we created a sales and marketing story around breaking free of the Mainframe—Join the evolution.

Step 2

Transforming mindsets

Microsoft internal enablement

We gave Microsoft internal teams the tools and training to attract the perfect partners, from webinars to share the story internally to external assets such as sales decks and sample emails to draw partners.

Partner empowerment

We also worked with a selection of key partners doing 1-1 value proposition workshops around Mainframe to Azure, followed by internal enablement and empowerment for their teams.

Step 3

Expanding for global reach

  • Building a 1-many approach

    Based on the strategy frameworks defined with Microsoft and learnings from 1-1 engagements with key partners, we built a program to bring the Mainframe to Azure proposition to a selective group of 40 more partners globally.

  • With results

    The results so far of Microsoft’s internal evolution, key partner transformations, and a global approach based on real learnings has seen an increase in Azure consumption and revenues across the board.

The Outcome


The Mainframe to Azure program is still rolling out globally, adding to success stories like Ensono’s, one of the first partners to go through the program. We started by defining a mainframe modernization path for Ensono, which launched a full transformation in the way they brought solutions to market. We created a consistent go-to-market framework that helped them consolidate their activity and scale. This innovative approach to market and transformative path earned them Microsoft Partner of the Year 2018 at the Datacenter Transformation awards.

We help Microsoft to keep pushing boundaries and earnings through an effective partner and channel approach, as well as helping partners directly transform and accelerate growth. As the tech industry evolves, we keep evolving with it, partnering with industry leaders like Microsoft to power change.

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