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Senior Brand Designer


Paal15 is a strategic positioning and go-to-market agency, helping tech companies worldwide realise their ambitions. We’re an international operation with customers and partners in more than 25 countries, and offices in Amsterdam, London and Sydney.

We’re ambitious: we think it’s important to challenge ourselves and others to make an impact. For this role, you would be working with the Go-To-Market team in Moorgate to bring strategy to life – with tactical go-to-market plans and engaging end-to-end campaigns. And as an added bonus, you might make some friends. We regularly go out for dinner and drinks, organise sporting events, and have a good laugh.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

Will you take our breath away?

You must have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, like graphic design or UX design, or a “take my breath away” portfolio. We’re talking showing us how your visualizations can turn into comprehensive designs that take conceptual ideas to the next level.

Can you sell it?

Your main job is to bring strategy to life, to translate business talk into a concept and visual framework that we can build into a full design and brand system. More than just mood boards, we have Pinterest for that, you’re creating a brand philosophy that has to resonate out in the real world.

Can you bridge the gap?

Like the Magere Brug sisters who ignored all existing bridges and built their own just to get closer… We expect the same level of commitment from you bridging the gap between teams. You have to turn the concept team’s idea into a visual concept, then lead the design team to turn your vision into real life assets.

Will you be our next renaissance?

We expect the Michelangelo of designers. Every PowerPoint presentation could be your Sistine Chapel. Design and produce materials that not only satisfy our clients’ needs, but also surprise and nurture better asset execution, drawing from your experience and challenging our thinking.

Are you a leader or a follower?

Be the Q to our Bond, the brains behind the design. You should implement best design practices throughout the team. Your knowledge and skill should be king, use them to bring about better ways of working and inspiring the team to execute your overarching design into actual output.

Can you do artist without the diva?

You’ll be working with multiple internal teams and leading people. Yes, your job is to translate the ideas into visual identities and presentations, taking feedback on board and ultimately create design systems… but you probably won’t be very successful if you can’t navigate the people stuff.

Apply now

We are trying to find someone pretty soon so don’t delay getting in touch. All we need is a cover letter and CV with your contact details to consider you for the role. If you get the job, we’ll help you fake your death to get out of your previous role’s notice period.

Thank You!

We have successfully received your application and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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