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Paal15 is a business design and go-to-market agency that helps tech companies shape the future and write history. We are an ambitious, international agency with customers and partners in more than 25 countries, and offices in Amsterdam, London and Sydney, looking for someone who can join our great team and make their mark.

We’re super busy and need someone fairly urgently to plan our resources so we can meet deadlines. For this role, you will be working with the Operations team in our HQ, just a few minutes outside Amsterdam, enabling the smooth running of our agency by ensuring the right people get the right information at the right time.

You’ll basically be at the centre of everything—just make sure the power doesn’t go to your head 😉 Your main job will be to make sure we meet quality requirements and deadlines (and the one doesn’t suffer for the other). This includes overseeing the planning and allocation of resources across multiple offices to meet internal and client deadlines, allocate resources in the most efficient way possible and provide insights to constantly steer and optimise, align communications between key people and teams, and handle suppliers as part of the end to end project delivery for clients.

And to take the edge off, we provide some friends. Our whole team is really outgoing, we regularly go out for dinner and drinks, organise sporting events, and have a good laugh.

What we hope you'll be doing

20% of your time - Client project & planning

We have multiple projects going on at the same time, constantly shifting deadlines, demanding client (and internal) stakeholders—and in the midst of all we need you to be the calm in the eye of the storm. A big part of your role will be determining the turnaround time at the start of each project, building plans and setting priorities with the client account managers, and then aligning with client facing people on a daily basis to keep a shared and central overview of the status of all running projects.

40% of your time - Team project & planning

You need to translate client and internal project deadlines into a daily plan for each team member, especially in the creative and design teams. This includes estimate time for task completion, aligning on deadlines across all company projects to create the optimal weekly and monthly plans, and coordinating the process of input required from one team member to another to ensure projects are flowing. Quite often this means you will serve as the first point of contact for questions from team members relating to briefs, workloads and timing.

30% of your time – Driving results through data (and intuition)

Yes, you might need to be a bit of a whip master at times to get the job done, but we would prefer if you were more strategic about it. Gather insights over time to steer the team in terms of productivity, workloads, project status, etc. This can vary from anticipating a lack of resources due to a peak in workload and connecting with account managers to find a solution, to pairing account managers and designers that tend to work best together, to changing people on a project to increase productivity, and more ongoing optimisations.

10% of your time – Supplier handling

One day you might be able to order a 10m-high bouncy unicorn castle for a client event (tech events do get crazy sometimes)… but for the most part this aspect of the job is pretty basic. You’ll be engaging with external suppliers from time to time to get things like business cards from the printers, website fixes from the developers, branded clothing, etc. You’ll need to provide them with a brief, make clear arrangements in terms of scope, price, and time, monitor progress, and ensure on-time delivery according to our quality standards.

Requirements for the role

Full-time. Min 2 years working experience (bonus if at an agency and an international environment). Ability to showcase organisational prowess. Comfortable with modern technology and tooling (experience with Atlassian’s Jira a plus.)

Your Skills

Working with tight deadlines. Ability to carefully structure scheduling, but also be flexible and pragmatic when necessary. Fluent in English verbally and in writing, and preferably Dutch and/or another language. Good interpersonal and communication skills. Self-management. Able to take a step back to overlook the organisation, process, etc.

Your Personality

We’re looking for a problem solver, can-do mentality, communicative, pragmatic, structured, takes the lead, outcome-driven, critical, flexible, self-starting, team player but not a pleaser, committed, stress-resistant, beyond 9-5 mentality… But, no pressure.

Apply now

We are trying to find someone pretty soon so don’t delay getting in touch. All we need is a cover letter and CV with your contact details to consider you for the role. If you get the job, we’ll help you fake your death to get out of your previous role’s notice period.

Thank You!

We have successfully received your application and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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