At Paal15 it’s all about realizing ambitions...

The beautiful thing about ambitions is that you are never done realizing them. You will keep raising the bar. Keep pushing your own limits. Keep improving. You are just like us. You never stop.


Our customers and partners come from all over the world. They vary from promising tech start-ups to arrived multinationals and public institutions, but they all have one thing in common: the urge to make new things happen.


What ambitions do we help our customers with?

Young people create the future. By mixing analytical and creative skills we are always developing new approaches. Making the best ideas happen. We never stop improving.


Meet the team that makes the difference

Werner is the amicable communication expert that
you will love. He is allergic to unnecessarily complicated
matters and understands like no other that things should
always be plain and simple. Whether it’s writing copy or
creative briefs, discussing usability or graphical user
interfaces — Werner is up for the challenge!

Werner Moison, Communication Specialist
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Erik is our art director. As the creative brain
of Paal15, he always inspires others with his
conceptual brilliance. Like no other, Erik knows
how to naturally intertwine design and usability.
He has the magical ability to see things from
entirely new perspectives in the blink of an eye.

Erik de Vries, Art Director
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Kim is Paal15’s young rising marketing star and
operational support. An expert in consumer behavior,
she helps bring the world of business closer to the world
of people. With her youthful energy and ambition she is
quick on her feet, and learns with the speed of light.

Kim Christiaans, Marketing & Operational Support
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Britt is one of our graphic geniuses. This girl is like
a fish in the water working on both web and print,
and delivers her best work with deadlines right
around the corner. Like the young hipster she is,
Britt knows exactly which brand is hot, what color
is sooo last year and which online game is a must-play!

Britt van Noord, Graphic Designer
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Maarten is co-founder of Paal15. This ever-surprising
marketing strategist has a good eye for detail and
enough energy to power a small country. Maarten likes
to put his creativity and enthusiasm into thinking up
new strategic positioning, putting together a new
partner program or developing activation strategies.

Maarten ten Broeke, Founding Partner
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Jop is co-founder of Paal15. As a strategist with
razor sharp analytical skills he always provides us
with new and unique insights. And he is super solid:
no matter how unpredictable the situation,
Jop will keep a clear overview.
Jop de Bakker, Founding Partner
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Jesse is our award winning marketing specialist.
Affectionately known as our walking encyclopedia
of online tools and solutions. Don’t be fooled by his
rockstar-like appearance: with his creative background
and extensive knowledge of everything regarding the
web, this guy can make every online project a success.

Jesse Muller, Marketing Specialist
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Emma is one of our graphic designers. Clearly in love
with everything printed, in her free time she even designs
screen prints for t-shirts and posters. Like a chameleon
she adapts to any project and has the ability to turn any
concept into a powerful and to the point design.

Emma Terra, Graphic Designer
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Mark Beaumont, Marketing Specialist
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Laila is our marketing specialist. With a strong
background in the arts, multimedia and sales in
the cloud industry, she has a passion for creating
memorable storytelling. Her Ecuadorian spice and
passion for storytelling allows her to bring any
marketing strategy to live.

Laila Selener, Marketing Specialist
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David is our award winning creative director. Always
thinking on his feet, he is the conceptual power
behind Paal15. Bringing with him years of branding
experience he is always able to hit the nail right on
the head when it comes to creating creative concepts
and doing things from a unique point of view.

David Bergmans, Creative Director
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Menno is the Paal15 all-star. This genuine team
player is so accurate he makes librarians cry.
Menno always keeps his eye on the prize and
is extremely eager to learn —
we haven’t heard the last of this little hustler!

Menno Brendeke, Communication Specialist
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Timo is our ever smiling project manager and
communication strategist. He makes sure to always
ask the right questions and truly get to the core of the
matter at hand. With a clear overview and an analytical
way of looking at things he has a knack for making the
complicated clear, and most of all, easy to work with.

Timo Otter, Project Manager
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