Turning data into valuable business solutions

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Turning data into valuable business solutions


    Data:Lab’s story is an interesting one, going back to its inception in the Volkswagen Group. The Volkswagen Group has been one of the top automotive houses in the world, bringing consumers everything from the classic Beetle, to trucks, to high-end luxury with Bentley, Lamborghini, and Audi. But not many people know that they are also a world leader in automotive AI.

  • The Challenge

    Data:Lab was able to create a unique ecosystem in Munich and attract some of the brightest minds to leverage the value of data and AI, which made them the strategic partner across all Volkswagen Group brands. Though already a leader within automotive AI, they needed to step into the light—to articulate their value proposition, impact, and the business outcomes of their projects, as well as disseminate their success widely.

  • The Approach

    Paal15 was engaged to help re-launch Data:Lab Munich. We helped Volkswagen Group re-shape their strategy, define their new positioning (‘future proof the Volkswagen Group by turning data into business solutions’), develop new solution-focused value propositions, and create a messaging framework.

The results
“An important part of our transformation is based on the discovery and use of the most important asset we’ve got, our data. That’s the reason why it was critical that the Volkswagen Group understand the business outcomes of what Data:Lab was accomplishing. Paal15 not only nailed the Data:Lab positioning but also helped us engage with the different internal and external stakeholders in an innovative way.”

- Barbara Sichler, Data:Lab Munich Head of Business Development and Product Management


We brought Data:Lab Munich to life by developing their positioning and value propositions, creating a unique and innovative visual identity and executing a tactical go-to-market plan. Our strategy included a series of campaigns targeted to different audiences: internal stakeholders across the whole group, potential prospects, future employees, tech vendors, and start-ups.

Today, the Volkswagen Group is evolving faster than ever before to meet customer demand, based on their new solution-focused value propositions. In addition, the new start-up collaboration space we helped launch is bringing new innovations to the field everyday. It is a space where machine learning app and data science startups can solve real life problems in the automotive industry.

We help powerhouses like the Volkswagen Group bring to market internal technology to fuel their growth and keep pushing boundaries.

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