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Expanding the right way

  • About Domo

    Domo connects data, 
people and systems to give organizations access to real information, providing them with the clarity they need to make better decisions.

  • The Challenge

    Domo wanted to grow into a new region in a scalable and effective way, keeping the overall company values but making their story local and highly persona targeted.

  • The Result

    We helped to define EMEA 
go-to-market strategy and messaging, building a specific story and set of offerings per audience. In this way, enabling Domo to enter this new region and start driving adoption for their platform from the word go.

Dive Deep

Engaging Paal15

Domo engaged Paal15 to help them with their international expansion plans. To grow effectively in EMEA they needed to adapt messaging to the region and ensure the new story was adopted internally to keep consistency across every customer touchpoint.

reworking the strategy
Step 1

Targeting Domo's story

  • Value propositions

    We started by adapting the existing overall story to persona-based tracks, focused on narrowing down the business problems based on functions such as marketing and IT, to create a predictable and scalable lead engine.

  • Company proposition

    To create a focused, effective and consistent sales and marketing story that resonated internally and externally, we then re-developed Domo’s positioning—creating a new rationale and launching ‘For the good of the company’.

Step 2

Breaking into new markets

Testing the new market

After setting up the foundation, we set to work building a ‘test, optimise and scale’ engine from scratch, tailored perfectly to Domo’s challenges and goals in EMEA, 
as well as target audience challenges and needs.

A framework for success

We then developed a scalable go-to-market framework and led an initial agile execution focused on the UK market, which was then scaled up across multiple regions, in multiple languages.

Step 3

Expanding on positive results

  • Delivering the goods

    Through our strategic go-to-market programme, we helped Domo deliver Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) in a predictable and scalable fashion, by targeting the specific personas that drive adoption and purchase of their data platform.

  • With results

    Due to success in the early stages of the campaigns, the GTM programme was scaled with additional media budget leading to net new 800+ leads—and counting!

The Outcome

Delivering for today, thinking for tomorrow

Now, with more than $500 million in funding and awards coming from every corner, it’s impossible to miss Domo’s rapid rise to success. But both the consumer and tech worlds are constantly evolving, which is why at Paal15 we don’t see our work with customers as short-term projects, but rather an ongoing drive to push boundaries.

We challenge Domo to always stay a step ahead, working hard as a team to keep Domo ahead of the curve and bringing the best to their customers. And they do the same for us, ensuring Paal15 grows every day.

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